“Urgent doesn’t begin to describe the insights contained in Tom Siebel’s Digital Transformation. His combination of historic perspective and an incisive approach to the specific technologies reshaping our world should be essential reading for any leader.”

Eric Schmidt

Former CEO of Google Inc.


“Read this book. Tom's book brings much needed clarity to a critical subject.”

Condoleezza Rice

Former Secretary of State


“Digital technology is changing the world with breath-taking speed. In a clearly written book that combines market-tested experience and piercing insight, Tom Siebel provides leaders with the advice they need to guide organizations.”

Christopher L. Eisgruber

President, Princeton University


“Tom Siebel’s Digital Transformation should alarm every CEO and government leader about the simultaneous arrival of an existential technological threat—and an historic opportunity. A must-read for every leader in business and government.”

Robert M. Gates

Former U.S. Secretary of Defense


“Tom captures the attention of any reader who is looking to gain insights into the digital revolution that is disrupting many industries. The book provides a valuable framework on how to initiate a digital transformation within any enterprise to improve its overall competitiveness in today’s radically changing business environment.”

Darius Adamczyk

Chairman and CEO, Honeywell


“Tom Siebel has laid out in simple terms how to understand and thrive in today’s new information economy. Digital Transformation is a must read for today’s business leaders.”

Charles Schwab

The Charles Schwab Corporation


“Business is fundamentally different in the 21st century, and digital transformation is more urgent than ever. The difference between thriving or becoming the next Blockbuster or Kodak is how far businesses are willing to go in setting their organization up to compete digitally. Digital Transformation provides the clearest blueprint yet for leaders looking to reinvent their businesses across information technology, operations, culture, and business models.”

Aaron Levie

Co-founder and CEO, Box


“Tom Siebel makes a compelling case that your job—and your company’s future—is on the line if you haven’t read this book. In an age of unprecedented disruption, Siebel skillfully describes the new technologies that you must understand to give you confidence to ask the right questions and drive change that delivers both short-term results and long-term competitive advantage.”

Robert Simons

Professor, Harvard Business School


"Digital Transformation delivers a detailed look at the big picture, explaining not only what is happening now, but what companies must do and why. Intelligent machines are disrupting the business world—and the rest of the world, too. Instead of being fearful, read this book and learn how human leadership, strategy, and risk-taking can make the most of it.”

Garry Kasparov

Former World Chess Champion


“Everyone talks about digital transformation, and here is our chance to actually understand and execute it well. In this book, Tom eloquently writes about the digital trends and the convergence of technology vectors including cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and the internet of things, impacting governments and a wide variety of industry, and draws clear linkages to the enormous transformation the world has gone through since the start of the information age.”

Jay Crotts

CIO, Royal Dutch Shell


“In Digital Transformation, Tom Siebel describes how the disruptive technologies of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big, data, and the internet of things are propelling massive changes in how nations, industries, and corporations function.”

Robert J. Zimmer

Presdent, University of Chicago


“Tom Siebel describes the monumental importance of the ongoing digital transformation in historical context by way of compelling examples, at a level that can be easily understood by anyone broadly familiar with business or the tech industry. Digital Transformation is an excellent introduction to an important topic.”

Zico Kolter

Assistant Professor, Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University

“After four decades as a thought leader as well as a very successful entrepreneur Tom Siebel has gathered in this fascinating book the knowledge that every executive should have on all critical digital technologies: big data, IoT, the cloud, and of course AI.”

Isabelle Kocher


“Siebel explains why business evolution is speeding up, ushering in a new era of real-time data analysis and prediction. Digital Transformation is a top-priority read for CEOs and boards.”

Rich Karlgaard

Publisher and Futurist, Forbes

“Tom Siebel is one of a few visionary technologists who has pioneered the future and consistently succeeded across four decades—first with relational databases, then helping create the customer relationship management (CRM) software industry, and now with the Internet of Things (IoT), AI, and machine learning. His views on the profound impact these disruptive technologies will have—not only on leading companies but also entire industries—makes Digital Transformation a must read for any CEO, business executive, or technologist.”

David Schmaier

CEO & Founder, Vlocity Inc.

“Tom Siebel provides a cogent and accessible explanation of this new generation of information technologies, and he gives a clear account of the specific nature of its disruptive effect upon commerce and government. This book is an essential roadmap for leaders in business and government.”

Richard Levin

22nd President of Yale University

“With great panache, Tom Siebel provides readers with an insightful insider’s guide to the risks and opportunities posed by the confluence of four technologies: cloud computing, big data, the internet of things, and artificial intelligence. It should be essential reading for decision-makers within any public or private organization that hopes to navigate the challenges posed by digital transformation with clarity and vision.”

Anantha P. Chandrakasan

Dean of the School of Engineering, MIT

“Bracingly written and vigorously argued, his book is essential reading for anyone seeking to understand the revolutionary technological changes transforming our world.”

Carol Christ

Chancellor, University of California, Berkeley

“Tom Siebel, long-time IT visionary, has demonstrated via his pioneering company C3.ai that AI can positively transform a breathtaking array of sectors. He convincingly explains how AI, if we ensure security, privacy, and ethical implementation, will improve security and health of the planet and all its inhabitants.”

Emily A. Carter

Dean, School of Engineering, Princeton University

“Siebel more than makes the case for why transformation is imperative—presenting the world-changing opportunities and challenges jointly brought about by cloud computing, big data, IoT, and AI.”

Ian A. Waitz

Vice Chancellor, MIT

“Tom Siebel chose a deceiving title for his latest work. This book is really about our ability to predict the future. We are all mesmerized by our future and this explains why it is such a fascinating read.”

Francesco Starace

CEO, Enel

“A must read for any CEO trying to navigate the digital age maze. Tom’s personal digital success and clear explanations about how it works and how to do it as a CEO make this a compelling study for CEOs.”

Dave Cote

Chairman and CEO, Honeywell, (Retired)

Digital Transformation is an essential read for those in charge of today’s economic, political, and social systems, and a call to action for those who will look after our world’s safe and prosperous future.”

Andreas Cangellaris

Vice Chancellor and Provost, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

“This book is a compelling read for those of us who may not be deep into the technology but are trying to reshape businesses and industries. Tom is one of those unique individuals who has the credibility and experience to speak to both.”

Tilak Subrahmanian

Vice President, Energy Efficiency, Eversource Energy

“Tom Siebel is, simply said, one of Silicon Valley’s most outstanding entrepreneurs and leaders. His new book offers a seminal description of the profound technologies that are colliding today, and that offer remarkable opportunities for those entrepreneurs and leaders who act passionately and swiftly.”

Jim Breyer

Founder and CEO, Breyer Capital

“Following Tom Siebel’s journey into the amazing digital world is both fascinating and threatening. He helps you see the coming challenges and offers a way to manage them as opportunities.”

Fabio Veronese

Head of ICT Infrastructure & Networks Solution Center, Enel

“In this remarkable book, Tom Siebel is taking us through the dynamics of high tech from the Cambrian explosion to the latest developments of machine learning and AI. This deliberate long-term historical perspective is giving us the keys to understand in depth the industry that propels the world into the 21st century.”

Yves Le Gelard

Chief Digital Officer and Group CIO, ENGIE

“This is a brilliant, rigorous, and visionary analysis of the dramatic and disruptive impact of digital transformation on our post-industrial society. With his unique talent and experience, Tom Siebel has captured and clearly outlined the main challenges of the technology transition that we are facing.”

Marco Gilli

Rector (Ret.) and Professor of Electrical Engineering at Politecnico di Torino; “Scientific Attaché” at the Embassy of Italy in the USA

“Tom Siebel’s Digital Transformation is a marvelous and timely book. The author’s historical placement of the subject and his thorough grasp of the capabilities of next generation digital technology make for an excellent read.”

Tim Killeen

President, University of Illinois

“This book will force you to think about the effects of digital transformation on your business and will change your perspective.”

Christina M. Morgan

Vice Chairman, Technology Investment Banking, J.P. Morgan

“Tom brilliantly surveys the tectonic forces at work and persuasively expresses the urgency with which industry CEOs and policymakers must adapt to this new reality or become extinct.”

Brien J. Sheahan

Chairman and CEO, Illinois Commerce Commission

“Tom Siebel envisions a world in which the risks are as great as the rewards, a world transformed by technologies equipped with the freedom and force of mind. His book is both an inspiration and a warning. To ignore it is to make a serious mistake.”

Lewis H. Lapham

Editor, Lapham’s Quarterly, Former Editor, Harper’s Magazine

“Few people are as well-suited to bring together the business, technical, and historical perspective that Tom so cogently weaves together. I recommend this book to any business leader who wants to cut through the buzzwords and understand how we got to where we are today.”

Judson Althoff

Executive Vice President, Worldwide Commercial Business, Microsoft

“With Digital Transformation, Tom Siebel has brilliantly provided much more than an essential survival guide for organizations in the Information Age. He charts a true course for both civilian and military leaders and their teams to successfully navigate the turbulent waters of dynamic change towards much greater security and human value for global society.”

Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn

U.S. Navy, Retired; Former Assistant Secretary of the Navy

“The book is a must-read for any executive who needs to understand both the challenges and also the opportunities of where the world is headed during this time of frame-breaking change.”

Robert E. Siegel

Lecturer, Stanford Graduate School of Business

“As an academic, the most exciting feature of this book is the intellectual agenda laid out for transforming our educational offerings at the intersection of machine learning, IoT, game theory, and cognitive science to provide the analytic framework for analyzing digital transformation of industry. Our challenge is to provide society with the tools for evaluating solutions which are resilient to cyber-attack, are understandable, and embody societal values that we hold dear. Siebel’s book is destined to be a classic in launching what will become a new academic field.”

S. Shankar Sastry

Dean of Engineering at University of California, Berkeley

“If we want to survive the tsunami of the coming digital transformations, we should let this book trigger a tsunami in our way of thinking and follow Tom’s visionary prescriptions for the new world agenda.”

Jacques Attali

Former Special Adviser to the President of the French Republic

“Tom Siebel has long been at the forefront of technology-driven business transformation. His intuition for recognizing inflection points and his ability to cut through complexity and hype are highly evident in this book.”

Michael Franklin

Chairman, Department of Computer Science, University of Chicago

“Tom Siebel's tremendous success as a serial entrepreneur in the software industry is fundamentally related to his rare blend of vision and action. His inspiring book Digital Transformation is a direct heir to these talents and will provide the reader with essential keys to the future.”

Jacques Biot

Former President of École Polytechnique, Paris

“Siebel presents a compelling and insightful treatise on the digital transformation and its impending impact on corporate survival. As a molecular biologist, I especially enjoyed the chapter on Punctuated Equilibrium, which draws an apt analogy between technological disruption and organismal evolution catalyzed by catastrophic upheaval.”

Dr. Robert Tjian

Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of California, Berkeley; Former President of HHMI

“In every generation, there is a seminal technology that fundamentally disrupts and reorders the competitive landscape. Inarguably today’s disruptor is artificial intelligence, whose adoption will separate organizations that thrive from those that will perish. In his new book, Tom provides a highly readable and essential executive guide on how to harness AI for large-scale digital transformation.”

Pat House

Vice Chairman, C3.ai

“Unlike over the last 40 years we  are now seeing 3 – 5 major IT developments happening at the same time often captured under the digital revolution. These major developments and their relationships are well laid out in his book and considered from the IT and business perspective. Therefore well worth reading if you want to understand this digital world and its building blocks.”

Johan Krebbers

GM Digital Emerging Technologies / VP IT Innovation, Royal Dutch Shell